We offer bike box hire for transporting your beloved bike abroad, whether it’s for leisure, competing or training.

The bike boxes that we hire are the award winning Alan bike boxes. They are hard bike boxes that come complete with 2 layers of high density foam to protect your bike as well as Velcro straps to hold your bike securely in place. Your precious wheels are also kept secure in the box and to top it off, there is an anti crush device that prevents the box from deforming if it finds itself buried under a pile of suitcases or other bike boxes.

The bike boxes have 4 easy rolling castors to make the journey on foot easy too and there are 4 steel toggle catches that can be locked with TSA approved locks or secured with cable ties.

The Alan bike boxes are suitable for road bikes, mountain bikes and even a 29er.


The boxes are available to hire for £7 per day. A refundable security deposit of £200.00 will be taken & refunded upon safe return of the box.

Also a Photo i.d. is required, i.e. passport/driving licence and a proof of address dated within the last 3 months to be presented prior the hire. Photocopies of all documents to be taken.

Booking in advance is highly recommended but not necessary. Please book by emailing or calling us with the dates that you would need to hire the bike boxes for. You will be charged from the day of collection until the day that the box is returned.


Max height 92cm Min height 75cm x 113cm Long x 23cm min to 32cm Thickness. Weight 11.2 Kg.

If you are transporting your bike by plane or courier we always average out the dimensions, which usually results in a cheaper price. Use 80cm Height x 90cm Length x30cm Depth 


1.     Remove pedals – always do this whilst the wheels are still on the bike

2.     Remove wheels & deflate tyres – fix them onto the lid of the bike box using your wheel skewers; front wheel on the left first, followed by the rear wheel

3.     Remove seat post – be sure to mark your saddle height with either tape or a marker before doing this

4.     Remove stem with handlebars still attached

5.     Secure the frame onto the bike box. The bike should be right side bike down with the chainset at the bottom of the box

6.     Fix the handlebars, seatpost and pedals in the remaining available straps

7.     Pack any other items (be sure to keep the box within your baggage limits) such as a pump, energy gels/bars and clothes around the frame, seat post & pedals. Make sure that hard items packed with your bike are not free to move around the box as it can chip the paint of your frame. Also pack any tools you used to disassemble your bike under the foam padding. It is recommended to place smaller tools in a bag in case they happen to fall out of transit

8.     Insert the anti-crush pole and ensure it does not make contact with your spokes before closing the lid. Use the top foam insert to guide the pole into lid of the box

Please watch the instruction video on how to pack your bike here


1. Photo i.d. required, i.e. passport/driving licence and a proof of address dated within the last 3 months to be presented prior to ride. Photocopies of all documents to be taken.

2. Payment of £7.00 per day to hire the bike box. A refundable security deposit of £200.00 will be taken.

3. Only use approved TSA locks or cable ties to secure your bike box to avoid expensive damage by customs.

4. Although our bike boxes are heavy duty products and we accept general wear & tear, we ask that due care is taken when handling and travelling with them. As the hirer you are responsible for the security and safekeeping of the bike box for the duration of the hire period. Report any damage in transit to the appropriate authority immediately to support your insurance claim and please remember to take photographic evidence. If the box is damaged during your flight, it is your responsibility to claim from the Airline (as you have the contract with them) and your claim should begin immediately at the airport.

Get a grip bicycle workshop ltd does not insure your bike or other items packed inside the bike box. Please speak to your travel insurance provider to ensure your bike and other possessions are adequately covered. We do not accept any liability of damage caused to equipment whilst in our bike boxes.

Avoid storing your bike box in wet conditions.

5. Please return your bike box in good condition with all items intact i.e. internal crush pole, foam padding and straps. Lost or damaged items (including parts & the bike box) will be charged at retail price plus postage. Prices are: Crush Bar £15.00, Wheels £8.00, Foam Inserts £26.00, Hinge £20.00. All plus Postage and Packing.

6. On return please empty your bike box of any extra padding, rubbish and dirt. Remove all delivery/flight labels/barcodes on return of your bike box.

7. Please respect your fellow riders and return your bike box on the agreed date. If you are delayed through circumstances out of your control, please notify us as soon as possible. Our details are here above. Late charge of £7.00 per day per box will apply