About Get A Grip

Get A Grip Bicycle Workshop was established in February 2011 by owners husband & wife Troy and Sarah and officially opened its door at the current location of Lavender Hill in June 2011. Troy's passion and background has always been downhill mountain biking since a teenager, progressing into racing in his youth and eventually furthering his passion into fixing bikes. Troy's worked as a cycle mechanic now for over 20 years, obtaining Cytech and various other training on the way, by starting to work with some small companies and eventually working for many years for the various big companies. After been frustrated in how little these big companies care for their customers and how much they care for their money, Troy decided it was time to open his own bicycle shop/workshop.

Sarah, his wife, has always had a passion for anything 2 wheels and by been with Troy for so many years, she had developed an intensive knowledge on all bicycle related things. She left her long-time freelance job as a hair/wigs/makeup artist to create Get A Grip Bicycle Workshop. Since opening its doors Get A Grip Bicycle Workshop has formed a very big and loyal clientele, from the family around the corner, to triathlete and cyclist who come from all over London & the UK (including Cambridge, Brighton and Windsor) to get their bikes serviced specifically from Troy's magic golden hands. We are firstly and uppermost a workshop, focusing mainly on servicing and repairing bikes of any makes and models, but we also have a showroom where we keep different types of bikes, from a single speed to a high end road bike, and stock a variety of accessories, clothing and component. We are open 6 days a week, (Sunday is our riding day!), so if you have any questions or need any information, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.